About Us

Our Mission To Inspire

Our organization is comprised of high-school students who love music and have the determination to serve communities. We will address the problem of senior care companionship. In many regions and cities, aging populations over 65 and older live in senior care homes and assisted living facilities. Many of these seniors are isolated especially during the pandemic. This organization hosts a monthly series of music recital performances either physically or virtually for seniors, and updates weekly music videos on our YouTube channel to help combat senior isolation across the country and around the globe! Music from multiple generations will be performed allowing seniors to reminisce their past. When possible, seniors will be invited to join the performances. Music connects people of all different backgrounds, regardless of race, gender etc. Meanwhile, this also provides an invaluable opportunity for young musicians to practice their music performance skills and gain onstage experience.

Our Differences

Why we stand out...


Blossoming musicians making a difference in the world


Despite all of our challenges, we come back as one team


Making music that will connect the whole community

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